1. In order to estimate liver blood flow in the rat, the extraction ratio of Indocyanine Green was determined using a two-compartment model fitted to the plasma concentration time data after a single intravenous bolus dose and compared with values obtained directly by transhepatic sampling, both in the intact rat and in an isolated perfused rat liver preparation.

2. There was no agreement between estimates of the extraction ratio obtained by using the kinetic model and the directly measured values.

3. Elimination curves for Indocyanine Green were simulated to yield varied clearance values. Despite a 250% variation in clearance, extraction ratios derived using the two-compartment model were all greater than 0.9 and varied by less than 6%.

4. Estimates of liver blood flow obtained by deriving a value of the extraction ratio of Indocyanine Green using the two-compartment model are inaccurate.

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