1. We have previously reported that pharmacological concentrations (125 nmol/l) of parathyroid hormone may stimulate renin release in the stable recirculating and non-filtering isolated rat kidney.

2. In the present study we have attempted to extend these initial observations by examining the concentration-related response of renin release to parathyroid hormone, using the same model of isolated kidney, and determining whether the effect of parathyroid hormone on renin release can be demonstrated by more direct approaches. Thus, the effects of parathyroid hormone on renin secretion were investigated in two other renal preparations: isolated rabbit glomeruli and isolated rat juxtaglomerular cells.

3. In the isolated kidney, rat parathyroid hormone significantly stimulated renin accumulation in the perfusate in a concentration-related manner with a threshold of 1 nmol/l.

4. In both glomeruli and juxtaglomerular cells bovine [Nle8,18,Tyr34]parathyroid hormone-(1–34)amide effectively and repeatedly stimulated renin release. These results imply that there is a direct stimulatory effect of parathyroid hormone on renin release.

5. We also examined the effect of [Nle8,18, Tyr34]parathyroid hormone-(l-34)amide during extracellular calcium buffering in the glomeruli. [Nle8,18,Tyr34]parathyroid hormone-(1–34)amide was uneffective in calcium-free medium. Increasing the extracellular ionized calcium concentration to 2.5 mmol/l increased the extent of stimulation in accordance with the reported ability of parathyroid hormone to block calcium channels and relax vascular smooth muscle cells.

6. These results provide further support for the role of parathyroid hormone as a direct mediator of renin secretion; moreover, the renin-stimulating action of parathyroid hormone may be mediated through the inhibition of calcium influx.s

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