1. A double-blind study was undertaken to determine whether the infusion of bombesin inhibits the intake of a carbohydrate-rich meal, consumed 15 min after a 300 ml banana shake, in nine lean healthy subjects and whether the possible inhibition of food intake by bombesin is mediated by cholecystokinin.

2. The amount of food eaten during infusion of bombesin (267 ±60 g) and bombesin combined with the cholecystokinin-receptor antagonist loxiglumide (269±39g) was slightly (P = 0.09) less than during saline infusion (384 ± 40 g). In addition, preprandial feelings of hunger were significantly less during infusion of both bombesin and bombesin combined with loxiglumide.

3. In conclusion, infusion of bombesin tends to inhibit the intake of a carbohydrate-rich meal after a preload by a cholecystokinin-independent mechanism.

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