1. To investigate whether indomethacin affects basal glucose production, we measured hepatic glucose production in six healthy postabsorptive subjects on two occasions: once after administration of indomethacin (150 mg orally) and once after administration of placebo.

2. Glucose production was measured by primed, continuous infusion of [3-3H]-glucose.

3. Indomethacin administration resulted in an increase in glucose production from 10.9 (SEM 0.3) μmol min−1 kg−1 to a maximum of 16.5 (SEM 1.6) μmol min−1 kg−1 (P <0.05) within ∼1 h, whereas in the control experiment glucose production declined gradually (P <0.01) (P <0.05 indomethacin versus control). There were no differences in plasma concentrations of insulin, C-peptide and counter-regulatory hormones between the two experiments.

4. Since indomethacin administration resulted in an increase in glucose production in the absence of any changes in concentrations of glucoregulatory hormones, we conclude that indomethacin stimulates hepatic glucose production through other mechanisms.

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