Clinical Science (2018) 132(19), 2147-2161;

Corrections to Figures 1–3 of the original article have been made online. These corrections are described and explained below.

1. Micrographs (micrographic images) of control samples for Figure 1B (day 0) and Figure 2C (immobilization-, LCC-).

The same image set was shown for both Figures 1B (day 0) and 2C (immobilization-, LCC-). For quantitative data shown in Figures 1D and 2D, different samples were analyzed. Therefore, it is inappropriate to show the same micrographs for control samples in Figures 1B and 2C. The appropriate micrographs for the sample of immobilization-, LCC- have therefore been added in the corrected Figure 2.

2. Rectangles indicating high magnification in Figures 1B and 3D.

In the original version of the paper, the rectangles were placed incorrectly. The rectangles have been adjusted to match with their corresponding high magnification images.

Corrected online 28 January 2019

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