Abstract IGFBP7 has been found to play an important role in inflammatory diseases, such as acute lung injury (ALI). However, the role of IGFBP7 in different stages of inflammation remains unclear. Transcriptome sequencing was used to identify the regulatory genes of IGFBP7, and endothelial IGFBP7 expression was knocked down using Aplnr-Dre mice to evaluate the endothelial proliferation capacity. The expression of proliferation-related genes was detected by western blotting and RT-PCR assays. In this study, we found that knockdown of IGFBP7 in endothelial cells significantly decreases the expression of endothelial cell proliferation-related genes and cell number in the recovery phase but not in the acute phase of ALI. Mechanistically, using bulk-RNA sequencing and CO-IP, we found that IGFBP7 promotes phosphorylation of FOS and subsequently upregulates YAP1 molecules, thereby promoting endothelial cell proliferation. This study indicated that IGFBP7 has diverse roles in different stages of ALI, which extends the understanding of IGFBP7 in different stages of ALI and suggests that IGFBP7 as a potential therapeutic target in ALI needs to take into account the period specificity of ALI.

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