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Endothelin XVIII Conference Collection

Endothelin XVIII - Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Endothelin

Guest edited by Professor Michael Ryan and Professor Carmine Cardillo

Clinical Science is delighted to announce its collaboration with The International Conferences on Endothelin to publish a special themed collection on the proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Endothelin, held in Rome in October 2023.

For more than three decades the Endothelin Conferences have been global venues for scientists and clinicians to meet and discuss recent developments in basic endothelin research as well as clinical applications of endothelin receptor antagonists and the use of endothelin as a biomarker of disease.

Clinical Science would like to thank all the authors for their excellent contributions, and we hope you enjoy reading this special collection.

Special Collection Image
Piera Tocci; Celia Roman; Rosanna Sestito; Valentina Caprara; Andrea Sacconi; Ivan Molineris; Giovanni Tonon; Giovanni Blandino; Anna Bagnato
Shui-Yu Liu; Luei-Kui Chen; Yi-Ting Jhong; Chien-Wei Chen; Li-En Hsiao; Huei-Chi Ku; Pin-Hsuan Lee; Guey-Shyang Hwang; Chi-Chang Juan
Phil Ambery; Peter J. Greasley; Robert I. Menzies; Lena Brynne; Spoorthy Kulkarni; Jan Oscarsson; Anthony P. Davenport
Carmine Cardillo
Francesca Schinzari; Manfredi Tesauro; Carmine Cardillo
Philipp F. Arndt; Kati Turkowski; Michael J. Cekay; Bastian Eul; Friedrich Grimminger; Rajkumar Savai
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