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Guest edited by Professor Rhian Touyz and Dr Ninian Lang

The last few years have seen dramatic improvements in cancer survival, in large part because of the rapid development of an expanding range of novel anti-cancer therapies. However, a number of these modern anti-cancer drugs have unwanted cardiovascular effects. The potential for cardiovascular toxicity associated with these drugs often reflects overlap between pathogenic cancer mechanisms and physiological pathways required for normal cardiovascular function. Clinical Science has, therefore, compiled a themed collection to reflect the growing relevance of Cardiovascular-Oncology as a specialty that aims to refine our understanding and management of these competing risks. This collection brings together reviews and original research articles examining the intersection between cancer treatments and their potentially harmful cardiovascular effects as well as addressing the cardiovascular effects of malignancy per se.

We would like to thank the all of the authors for their excellent contributions and announce that this collection will remain open for research submissions. You can submit your research on our website or contact for more information.

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Collection image featured in 10.1042/CS20200308.

Special Collection Image
Katrina M. Mirabito Colafella; Daan C.H. van Dorst; Rugina I. Neuman; Leni van Doorn; Karla Bianca Neves; Augusto C. Montezano; Ingrid M. Garrelds; Richard van Veghel; René de Vries; Estrellita Uijl; Marian C. Clahsen-van Groningen; Hans J. Baelde; Anton H. van den Meiracker; Rhian M. Touyz; Willy Visser; A.H. Jan Danser; Jorie Versmissen
Zuzana Pokorná; Petra Kollárová-Brázdová; Olga Lenčová-Popelová; Eduard Jirkovský; Jan Kubeš; Yvona Mazurová; Michaela Adamcová; Magdalena Holečková; Vladimír Palička; Tomáš Šimůnek; Martin Štěrba
Ninian N. Lang; Rhian M. Touyz
Petra Kollárová-Brázdová; Olga Lenčová-Popelová; Galina Karabanovich; Júlia Kocúrová-Lengvarská; Jan Kubeš; Nela Váňová; Yvona Mazurová; Michaela Adamcová; Anna Jirkovská; Magdalena Holečková; Tomáš Šimůnek; Petra Štěrbová-Kovaříková; Jaroslav Roh; Martin Štěrba
Daniel N. Meijles; Joshua J. Cull; Susanna T.E. Cooper; Thomais Markou; Michelle A. Hardyman; Stephen J. Fuller; Hajed O. Alharbi; Zoe H.R. Haines; Viridiana Alcantara-Alonso; Peter E. Glennon; Mary N. Sheppard; Peter H. Sugden; Angela Clerk
Daan C.H. van Dorst; Leni van Doorn; Katrina M. Mirabito Colafella; Olivier C. Manintveld; H. Carlijne Hassing; A.H. Jan Danser; Ron H.J. Mathijssen; Jorie Versmissen
Aristeidis Sionakidis; Linsay McCallum; Sandosh Padmanabhan
Chenliang Ge; Yang Cheng; Yihao Fan; Yan He
Sailaja Kamaraju; Meera Mohan; Svetlana Zaharova; Brianna Wallace; Joseph McGraw; James Lokken; John Tierney; Elizabeth Weil; Olubadewa Fatunde; Sherry-Ann Brown
Anna Narezkina; Hari K. Narayan; Alice E. Zemljic-Harpf
Leanne Mooney; Carl S. Goodyear; Tamir Chandra; Kristina Kirschner; Mhairi Copland; Mark C. Petrie; Ninian N. Lang
Alan H. Baik; Katy K. Tsai; David Y. Oh; Mandar A. Aras
Stephen J.H. Dobbin; Mark C. Petrie; Rachel C. Myles; Rhian M. Touyz; Ninian N. Lang
Alexa N. Carrera; Marianne K.O. Grant; Beshay N. Zordoky
Chandu Sadasivan; Pavel Zhabyeyev; Dina Labib; James A. White; D. Ian Paterson; Gavin Y. Oudit
Karla B. Neves; Augusto C. Montezano; Ninian N. Lang; Rhian M. Touyz
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