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Clinical Science themed collection on Reproductive Physiology and Disease  

Open for research submissions


Reproductive Physiology and Disease ImageWhat mechanisms contribute to our reproductive biology and how and why do things go wrong? This new themed collection in Clinical Science will bring together original research papers and comprehensive reviews from experts in the field investigating reproductive biology and how this can lead to disease. Topics will include but are not restricted to ovarian function, spermatogenesis, hypothalamic pituitary function, fertility, hormone function, placental function and more.

We welcome the submission of high-quality research papers linking basic science and preclinical reproductive biology research to disease mechanisms.

Please contact the Editorial Office for any additional information and note that all submissions will be subject to the standard peer review process.

This Clinical Science themed collection, will be Guest edited by:

Professor Ying Cheong, University of Southampton
A/Professor Carlos Salomon, University of Queensland

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