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Clinical Science themed collection on the biology of ageing: Geroscience and the exposome


Open for submissions


The sum total of life course exposures creates an exposome that has a significant impact on age related health.   The importance of the exposome to age-related health can be gauged from the observation that only three basic exposome factors, air pollution, tobacco smoke and diet, account for ~50% of annual global deaths. Understanding the interplay between exposome factors and the (epi) genome, offers the chance to gain exciting new insights into the ageing process and its relationship with the exposome. 

This special collection seeks to explore how the exposome interplays with the molecular and cellular biology of ageing. Critically, it seeks contributions from across disciplines on how features of the exposome can be modulated to improve health span. As such, this will entail a renaissance of a more holistic natural sciences approach to mitigate ill health, while underpinning it with  solid mechanistic science. In particular, we will emphasise the need to reconnect a  more  mechanistic approach to  medical science with  a such a broader natural sciences  approach. We encourage contributions on the molecular biology of ageing, senotherapies, the use of biomimetics and the ‘Food as Medicine’ concept, including modulation of the microbiome and the creation of more salutogenic and biophilic environments.  

This Clinical Science themed collection, will be Guest edited by:

Professor Paul Shiels, University of Glasgow

We welcome you to submit your best original research papers. Please contact the Editorial Office for any additional information.

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