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Clin Sci (Lond) (1998) 94 (4): 453–460.
Published: 01 April 1998
... of the latter on blood gases and vertical distribution of blood flow within the two lungs. 2. Serial infusions of radioactive or fluorescent microspheres were given to each of seven adult standing sheep before, during occlusion of the left mainstem bronchus for up to 6 min, and after release of occlusion...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1993) 84 (6): 605–609.
Published: 01 June 1993
...S. M. Moghimi; H. Hedeman; L. Illum; S. S. Davis 1. The surface of large model 125 I-labelled polystyrene microspheres (220 nm in diameter) was coated with the polyoxyethylene/polyoxypropylene block co-polymer poloxamine-908. The coated microspheres were injected intravenously into rats. Up to 40...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1988) 74 (3): 293–299.
Published: 01 March 1988
... (radioactive microspheres) were measured before and after 30 min of infusion. 2. Mean arterial pressure fell from 89.9 ± 4.5 (mean ± sem ) to 82.3 ± 5.9 mmHg and cardiac output increased from 115.4 ± 8.7 to 163.0 ± 14.4 ml min −1 kg −1 . Total peripheral resistance decreased from 41.6 ± 3.7 to 27.8 ± 3.6 units...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1987) 72 (5): 599–604.
Published: 01 May 1987
...Gavin I. Russell; Robert F. Bing; Herbert Thurston; John D. Swales 1. Experimental renal papillary necrosis induced by 2-bromoethylamine hydrobromide (BEA) results in hypertension in the rat. The haemodynamics of this increase in blood pressure were investigated with radiolabeled microspheres, thus...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1986) 71 (6): 713–721.
Published: 01 December 1986
.... In the present study, we infused AVP directly into the artery supplying these organs and tissues in order to determine the relative contribution of local versus systemic mechanisms in the vascular resistance changes previously observed. 2. Regional blood flows were measured with radioactive microspheres...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1986) 71 (3): 323–325.
Published: 01 September 1986
... studied in conscious rats by the radioactive microsphere technique. 2. ANP induced a 540% increase in sodium excretion and a 310% increase in urine flow. Mean arterial pressure decreased by 21 mmHg and the peripheral resistances decreased by 26%, without significant changes in cardiac output. 3. Renal...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1985) 68 (5): 605–607.
Published: 01 May 1985
.... 25 4 1984 30 11 1984 © 1985 The Biochemical Society and the Medical Research Society 1985 experimental portal hypertension indomethacin microspheres prostaglandins Clinical Science (1985) 68,605-607 SHORT COMMUNICATION 605 Lack of effect of indomethacin on systemic...
Clin Sci (Lond) (1982) 62 (1): 35–41.
Published: 01 January 1982
... fibrinogen. Chronic saline loading and inhibition of angiotensin II (ANG II) with saralasin reduced the fibrin deposition in the kidneys. Infusion of ANG II had the opposite effect. 2. Renal and aortic blood flows were measured by injection of radioactively labelled microspheres. After thrombin infusion...
Clin Sci Mol Med (1978) 54 (5): 489–494.
Published: 01 May 1978
...D. J. Warren; J. G. G. Ledingham 1. Total renal blood flow and its cortical distribution were measured by the microsphere technique before and after haemorrhage in conscious rabbits, and after haemorrhage in rabbits anaesthetized with pentobarbitone, chloralose—urethane or ether. 2. The average...
Clin Sci Mol Med (1978) 54 (1): 111–113.
Published: 01 January 1978
...J. N. MacPherson; P. Tothill 1. The proportion of the cardiac output delivered to the skeleton and individual bones has been determined in rats of differing ages and weights with radioactive microspheres. 2. There was a decrease in the blood flow to the tibia—fibula, jaw, femur, pelvis, humerus...
Clin Sci Mol Med (1975) 48 (6): 533–535.
Published: 01 June 1975
... 1975 The Biochemical Society and the Medical Research Society 1975 beta-adrenergic blockade microspheres propranolol renal blood flow Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine (1975) 48, 533-535. SHORT COMMUNICATION Effects of beta-adrenergic receptor blockade on the renal vascular response...
Clin Sci Mol Med (1975) 48 (1): 51–60.
Published: 01 January 1975
...D. J. Warren; J. G. G. Ledingham 1. Total renal blood flow and its distribution within the renal cortex of the conscious rabbit were studied with radioactive microspheres of 15 and 25 μm diameter. 2. The reliability of the microsphere technique was influenced by microsphere diameter and number...
Clin Sci Mol Med (1975) 48 (1): 61–66.
Published: 01 January 1975
...D. J. Warren; J. G. G. Ledingham 1. Total renal blood flow and its cortical distribution were measured by the radioactive microsphere technique in conscious rabbits and after anaesthesia with pentobarbitone, chloralose-urethane or ether. 2. Pentobarbitone anaesthesia caused a fall of 26% in total...