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Keywords: phosphaturia
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Clin Sci Mol Med (1975) 49 (3): 207–211.
Published: 01 September 1975
... studied during sustained water diuresis and the intravenous infusion of isotonic sodium chloride solution to produce volume expansion. 3. In the hypertensive patients there was exaggerated phosphaturia, natriuresis and enhanced distal delivery of sodium. Sodium reabsorption in the diluting segment...
Clin Sci Mol Med (1974) 46 (6): 671–678.
Published: 01 June 1974
... decreased below control levels in the left kidney although that of sodium remained above pre-diuresis values. 4. The phosphaturic effect of ethacrynic acid and frusemide might be the result of a proximal site of action. The reversal of the phosphaturia by aortic constriction might have been caused...