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Bionanotechnology and Synthetic Biology: applications in precision medicine and allied fields

Guest edited by Dr Kakoli Bose and Dr Deepak Balaji Thimiri Govindaraj
Bionanotechnology and Synthetic Biology are two new, cutting-edge areas of applied biomedical research. By utilising pioneering plug and play technologies, they seek answers to some of the most intriguing questions remaining within various research domains, particularly within precision medicine. Originally envisaged and later developed based on macromolecular self-assembly in biological network systems, bionanotechnology now joins hands with synthetic biology to reshape the future of precision medicine.
This themed collection in Bioscience Reports endeavours to integrate advancements in both these emerging fields, collating review and original research articles focusing on precision medicine and touching on allied fields including genomics, proteomics and metabolomics.
We would like to thank all the authors involved for their excellent contributions, and we hope you enjoy reading this themed collection.

Collection image from Folkmanaite et al. (2023)

Special Collection Image
Shimaa Mohammad Yousof; Horeya Erfan; Shaimaa A. Shehata; Marwa M. Hosny; Karima El-Sayed
Milda Folkmanaite; Manuela Zaccolo
Ayon Chakraborty; Saswati Soumya Mohapatra; Subhashree Barik; Ipsita Roy; Bhavika Gupta; Ashis Biswas
Yanting Zhang; Shaoqi Yang; Dan Jiang; Yanning Li; Shuo Ma; Liyan Wang; Guangqi Li; Hongxia Wang; Aijun Zhang; Guangxian Xu
Kanganwiro Mugwanda; Saltiel Hamese; Winschau F. Van Zyl; Earl Prinsloo; Morne Du Plessis; Leon M.T. Dicks; Deepak B. Thimiri Govinda Raj
Yiwen Li; Paul A. Dalby
Muhammad S.M. Shamseldean; Marwa M. Attia; Reda M.S. Korany; Nehal A. Othamn; Sally F.M. Allam
Kasturee Chakraborty; Archana Tripathi; Sukumar Mishra; Argha Mario Mallick; Rituparna Sinha Roy
Shreyas P. Vaidya; Shubhankar Gadre; Ravi Teja Kamisetti; Malay Patra
Deepshikha Shahdeo; Akanksha Roberts; Veerbhan Kesarwani; Milena Horvat; Raghuraj Singh Chouhan; Sonu Gandhi
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