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Guest edited by Professor Christine Foyer, Professor Ilse Kranner and Dr Wanda Waterworth

Seeds underpin global agriculture and natural ecosystems. Understanding seed biology is fundamental to help mitigate the effects of changing climates and population growth to crop production and ecosystems threatened by environmental change. In this collection published in the Biochemical Journal, guest edited by Professor Christine Foyer, Professor Ilse Kranner and Dr Wanda Waterworth, articles highlight current research in seed biology, providing new insight into aspects ranging from seed development, seed longevity and germination to nutritional aspects of seeds. This work ranges from the fundamental biological mechanisms that underlie the development, storability and subsequent germination of seeds, to the applications of seed science, including resilience of seed germination under stress.

Special Collection Image
Julia Zinsmeister; Olivier Leprince; Julia Buitink
Stéphane Mari; Christophe Bailly; Sébastien Thomine
Christophe Bailly
Amelie Detterbeck; Manuela Nagel; Stefan Rensch; Michael Weber; Andreas Börner; Daniel P. Persson; Jan Kofod Schjoerring; Vesselin Christov; Stephan Clemens
Christina Schausberger; Thomas Roach; Wolfgang Stöggl; Erwann Arc; William E. Finch-Savage; Ilse Kranner
Natanael Viñegra de la Torre; Farnusch Kaschani; Markus Kaiser; Renier A. L. van der Hoorn; Wim J. J. Soppe; Johana C. Misas Villamil
Antonio Eufrásio Vieira Neto; Felipe Domingos de Sousa; Humberto D'Muniz Pereira; Frederico Bruno Mendes Batista Moreno; Marcos Roberto Lourenzoni; Thalles Barbosa Grangeiro; Ana Cristina de Oliveira Monteiro Moreira; Renato de Azevedo Moreira
Davide Gerna; Thomas Roach; Erwann Arc; Wolfgang Stöggl; Margherita Limonta; Patrizia Vaccino; Ilse Kranner
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