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Ahead-of-Issue articles

Perspective July 30 2021
RNA-binding proteins modulate drug sensitivity of cancer cells
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20210193.
Perspective July 23 2021
‘EngNT’ — Engineering live neural tissue for nerve replacement
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20210085.
Perspective July 23 2021
Artificial nucleic acid backbones and their applications in therapeutics, synthetic biology and biotechnology
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20210169.
Perspective July 20 2021
Transthyretin-mediated protein and peptide oligomerization for enhanced target clustering
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20210028.
Review Article July 20 2021
DNA-nanopore technology: a human perspective
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200282.
Perspective July 1 2021
The future of immune checkpoint combinations with tumor-targeted small molecule drugs
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20210064.
Review Article July 1 2021
Antimicrobial immunotherapeutics: past, present and future
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200348.
Review Article July 1 2021
Wound dressings: curbing inflammation in chronic wound healing
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200346.
Review Article June 21 2021
Interpretation of DNA data within the context of UK forensic science — investigation
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20210165.
Perspective June 7 2021
Stem cell sprays for neurological injuries: a perspective
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20210113.
Review Article May 24 2021
Interpretation of DNA data within the context of UK forensic science — evaluation
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200340.
Perspective May 24 2021
What role for cysteamine in the defence against infection?
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200351.
Review Article May 18 2021
Nanopore sequencing in non-human forensic genetics
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200287.
Review Article May 7 2021
Colorimetric optical nanosensors for trace explosive detection using metal nanoparticles: advances, pitfalls, and future perspective
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200281.
Review Article May 5 2021
The analysis of ancestry with small-scale forensic panels of genetic markers
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200327.
Review Article April 19 2021
Forensic botany: time to embrace natural history collections, large scale environmental data and environmental DNA
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200329.
Review Article April 1 2021
Developments in forensic DNA analysis
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200304.
Perspective March 4 2021
Affinity maturation: highlights in the application of in vitro strategies for the directed evolution of antibodies
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200331.
Review Article February 3 2021
Wildlife crime in Australia
Emerg Top Life Sci (2021) ETLS20200288.
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