Advances in cancer research have led to the development of new therapeutics with significant and durable responses such as immune checkpoint inhibitors. More recent therapies aim to stimulate anti-tumor immune responses by targeting the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptors, however this approach has been shown to require clustering of receptors in order to achieve a significant response. Here we present a perspective on using transthyretin, a naturally occurring serum protein, as a drug delivery platform to enable cross-linking independent clustering of targets. TTR forms a stable homo-tetramer with exposed termini that make TTR a highly versatile platform for generating multimeric antibody fusions to enable enhanced target clustering. Fusions with antibodies or Fabs targeting TRAILR2 were shown to have robust cytotoxic activity in vitro and in vivo in colorectal xenograft models demonstrating that TTR is a highly versatile, stable, therapeutic fusion platform that can be used with antibodies, Fabs and other bioactive fusion partners and has broad applications in oncology and infectious disease research.

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