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Forthcoming issues

Each issue of Emerging Topics in Life Sciences is themed and overseen by a Guest Editor. Please see below the issues planned for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020. If you would be interested in contributing to one of these issues, or you would like to suggest a topic for a forthcoming issue, please contact the Editorial Team.

Perspectives in Synthetic Biology (guest edited by Hagan Bayley)

Perspectives in Bioethics (guest edited by Chris Willmott)

Mechanistic Drivers of Plant-Pollinator Systems (Alison Scott-Brown and Hauke Koch)

Nanomedicine (guest edited by Terry Tetley)

Phase Transitions (guest edited by Tim Nott and Andrew Baldwin)

Forecasting the hottest emerging topics of the next 10 years (guest edited by Richard Reece)

Plant Biotechnology (guest edited by Wilhelm Gruissem)

Bacterial Cell Surfaces (guest edited by Ry Young)

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