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Forthcoming issues

Each issue of Emerging Topics in Life Sciences is themed and overseen by a Guest Editor. Please see below the issues planned for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020. If you would be interested in contributing to one of these issues, or you would like to suggest a topic for a forthcoming issue, please contact the Editorial Team.

Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Medicine (guest edited by Terry Tetley, Jorge Bernardino de la Serna And Sonia Antoranz Contera)

Phase Transitions (guest edited by Tim Nott and Andrew Baldwin)

A decade in biology: Celebrating 10 years of the Royal Society of Biology (guest edited by Richard Reece)

Emerging Pandemics (guest edited by Jenny Low)

Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine (guest edited by Eustace Johnson)

Emerging Technology in Plant Sciences (guest edited by Joseph Jez and Chris Topp)

Forensic Science (guest edited by Niamh Nic Daeid and Lucina Hackman)

Recent trends in Biophysics and their applications in Modern Biology (guest edited by Kakoli Bose)

Emerging Bioscience & Industry (guest edited by Puja Pathuri)

Coral Reef Ecosystems (guest edited by Simon Davy)

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