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Ahead-of-Issue articles

Review Article September 25 2020
Uncovering protein structure
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20190042.
Review Article September 4 2020
Out or decay: fate determination of nuclear RNAs
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20200005.
Review Article September 4 2020
The diversity of post-transcriptional gene silencing mediated by small silencing RNAs in plants
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20200006.
Review Article August 26 2020
Alerting the immune system to DNA damage: micronuclei as mediators
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20200016.
Review Article August 24 2020
Organization and function of paraspeckles
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20200010.
Review Article August 24 2020
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20190041.
Review Article August 18 2020
Making it or breaking it: DNA methylation and genome integrity
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20200009.
Review Article August 5 2020
Mechanism and significance of chromosome damage repair by homologous recombination
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20190093.
Correction July 29 2020
Correction: Base excision repair and its implications to cancer therapy
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20200013_COR.
Review Article July 29 2020
Structural insight into FANCI–FANCD2 monoubiquitination
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20200001.
Correction July 28 2020
Correction: The genetic basis of disease
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20170053_COR.
Review Article July 10 2020
Repair pathway choice for double-strand breaks
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20200007.
Review Article July 10 2020
Base excision repair and its implications to cancer therapy
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20200013.
Review Article July 3 2020
Jack of all trades? The versatility of RNA in DNA double-strand break repair
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20200008.
Review Article June 24 2020
Druggable binding sites in the multicomponent assemblies that characterise DNA double-strand-break repair through non-homologous end joining
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20190092.
Review Article May 26 2020
Ubiquitin-like proteins in the DNA damage response: the next generation
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20190095.
Review Article April 20 2020
Perfecting DNA double-strand break repair on transcribed chromatin
Essays Biochem (2020) EBC20190094.
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