Currently, increasing demand of biochemicals produced from renewable resources has motivated researchers to seek microbial production strategies instead of traditional chemical methods. As a microbial platform, Bacillus subtilis possesses many advantages including the generally recognized safe status, clear metabolic networks, short growth cycle, mature genetic editing methods and efficient protein secretion systems. Engineered B. subtilis strains are being increasingly used in laboratory research and in industry for the production of valuable proteins and other chemicals. In this review, we first describe the recent advances of bioinformatics strategies during the research and applications of B. subtilis. Secondly, the applications of B. subtilis in enzymes and recombinant proteins production are summarized. Further, the recent progress in employing metabolic engineering and synthetic biology strategies in B. subtilis platform strain to produce commodity chemicals is systematically introduced and compared. Finally, the major limitations for the further development of B. subtilis platform strain and possible future directions for its research are also discussed.

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