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Essays Biochem (2024) EBC20230085.
Published: 04 July 2024
...Amy D. Parente; Danielle E. Bolland; Kathryn L. Huisinga; Joseph J. Provost Malate dehydrogenase (MDH) is pivotal in mammalian tissue metabolism, participating in various pathways beyond its classical roles and highlighting its adaptability to cellular demands. This enzyme is involved...
Essays Biochem (2024) EBC20230075.
Published: 28 June 2024
...Amy L. Springer; Swati Agrawal; Eric P. Chang The role of malate dehydrogenase (MDH) in the metabolism of various medically significant protozoan parasites is reviewed. MDH is an NADH-dependent oxidoreductase that catalyzes interconversion between oxaloacetate and malate, provides metabolic...
Essays Biochem (2024) EBC20230079.
Published: 12 June 2024
...Joseph J. Provost; Kathleen A Cornely; Pamela S. Mertz; Celeste N. Peterson; Sophie G. Riley; Harrison J. Tarbox; Shree R. Narasimhan; Andrew J Pulido; Amy L. Springer Malate dehydrogenase (MDH) is a key enzyme in mammalian metabolic pathways in cytosolic and mitochondrial compartments. Regulation...
Essays Biochem (2024) EBC20230076.
Published: 30 May 2024
...Michael J. Wolyniak; Robert H. Frazier; Peter K. Gemborys; Henry E. Loehr Malate dehydrogenase (MDH) is a ubiquitous enzyme involved in cellular respiration across all domains of life. MDH’s ubiquity allows it to act as an excellent model for considering the history of life and how the rise...