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Conditional open access with Subscribe to Open 


From 2025, we will introduce Subscribe to Open (S2O), an innovative form of licencing model, which extends our ability to deliver open access (OA) equitably and inclusively. Offered as an alternative to Read & Publish (R&P), renewing subscribers will continue to: 

  • Pay an annual fee to guarantee uninterrupted read access of journals subscribed to which their institution has subscribed (note: we will continue to honour perpetual access to archive contents previously published);
  • Enjoy seamless access for everyone at your institution, wherever they are, whenever they need it;
  • Have access authenticated with administrative self-serve options, e.g., COUNTER reports. 

Additionally, subscribers will benefit from: 

  • The opportunity of fee-free OA for all authors (contributing as well as corresponding authors) which will maximise the reach of research produced from your institution, provided that the threshold for S2O is met;
  • Funder and institutional compliance with OA mandates. 

Annual institutional fees will be the only charges made meaning that: 

  • Author-paid, grant-funded article publishing charges (APCs) will cease across subscription journals and will no longer carry a ‘hybrid’ status from 2025 onwards (note: that authors will still be able to pay an APC to publish in our fully open access journals, including Bioscience Reports);
  • No additional fees will be applied to individual manuscripts. 



Renewal terms and conditions 


Renewals will continue to be managed either by subscription agents or via direct purchase. S2O does not include access to the archive although we will continue to honour this for our existing customers if it is included in their current subscription. From 2025, customers will need to upgrade to a R&P deal in order to have archive access. 

A subscription for a particular year gives access to all content from January to December, regardless of the month in which the subscription was ordered. 

If a subscription lapses or is cancelled at the end of its term, the customer retains perpetual access to content from the paid years of their subscription. 

For more information about our subscriptions and who to contact for enquiries, please visit our customer support page



Subscribe to Open good practice 


We are members of the S2O Community of Practice which is designed to make it easy for all stakeholders to adopt and implement the principles of S2O as a sustainable mechanism for delivering OA. 


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