Disrupted in Schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) participates in a wide variety of developmental processes of central neurons. It also serves critical roles that underlie cognitive functioning in adult central neurons. Here we summarize DISC1’s general properties and discuss its use as a model system for understanding major mental illnesses. We then discuss the cellular actions of DISC1 that involve or regulate Ca2+ signaling in adult central neurons. In particular, we focus on the tethering role DISC1 plays in transporting RNA particles containing Ca2+ channel subunit RNAs, including IP3R1, CACNA1C and CACNA2D1, and in transporting mitochondria into dendritic and axonal processes. We also review DISC1’s role in modulating IP3R1 activity within mitochondria-associated ER membrane. Finally, we discuss DISC1-GSK3b signaling that regulates functional expression at voltage-gated Ca2+ channel at central synapses. In each case, DISC1 regulates the movement of molecules that impact Ca2+ signaling in neurons.

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