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Customer Service Information


Claims for non-receipt of a printed issue must be made within 3 months of publication date.

Online access problems

If online access has been lost for current or previous paid years of service, please contact Sales and Customer Services Team and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.


Subscriptions can’t be cancelled in their current year of service. We do not offer any refunds once a subscription has been paid on our system.

Delivery address

Subscription agents should supply the name, postal address and email address of the subscriber, even when delivery is through a consolidation address. To ensure online access, please supply the subscriber’s Internet Protocol (IP) addresses where applicable.


To ensure continuity of despatch of journals each year, we strongly encourage payment by 1st December. Agents are responsible for the continuity of orders placed through them.

Terms of online access

Institutional prices for online subscriptions allow online access by authorized users only as laid out in your license agreement. Full terms and conditions of usage are available on the relevant journal website. A subscription for a particular year gives access to all content from January to December, regardless of the month in which the subscription was ordered. If a subscription lapses or is cancelled at the end of its term, the customer retains perpetual access to content from the paid years of their subscription.

Please contact our Sales Department for details. Institutional prices are on a tier basis dependent on FTE.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

European Union and ROW: Clearly state your VAT number on all orders otherwise VAT may be charged at the appropriate national rate.

UK: VAT will be charged at 20% on all applicable orders except on Combined Print + Online subscriptions. These will have a VAT charge of 20% applied to 25% of the total subscription cost. (For example, if the subscription was £1000 then £250 would be vatable at 20%.)

Our VAT number is GB 523 2392 69


On generation of an invoice, we accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and most other major debit cards. A direct payment link is provided on each invoice. We also accept payment by direct wire transfer into the appropriate currency account as laid out in your invoice.


Payment with order or upon receipt of pro-forma invoice. Payment may be made by bank transfer provided our reference number is quoted. Please contact us for our bank details or see the information provided on our invoices.

Unless specified otherwise, prices are applicable in the following regions:

  • Euros (€) - for all European countries (excluding the UK)
  • US Dollars ($) - for North, Central, South America and Canada
  • Sterling (£) - for UK and ROW not covered above

Please ensure you use the appropriate currency when ordering/renewing journal subscriptions.

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