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Welcome to the new websites for Portland Press journals. For those who do not have access to full-text versions of articles, the ability to purchase articles will become available shortly. In the meantime, the following options may provide you ways to access Portland Press content of interest.

1. Document delivery services such as: 

2. Get It Now, the Copyright Clearance Center’s interlibrary loan service. 

3. If you are based at an institution that subscribes to Portland Press journals, you may be able to gain off-campus access by signing in via your institution. 1

4. Are you a member of the Biochemical Society? If so, your membership gives you complementary access to the Biochemical Journal and Biochemical Society Transactions. To avail of this, sign in to sites using your membership username and password. 2

If the above options are not available to you, please contact the Portland Press Sales Team for assistance.

1 This option is available for institutions who provide OpenAthens or Shibboleth-based authentication.
2 Further information about membership of the Biochemical Society is available on the Society’s website.

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