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Mitochondria perform a myriad of different functions, are key players in many cellular processes and are implicated in many common diseases. Discoveries about the roles of mitochondria beyond energy metabolism have widened the field of mitochondrial research, allowing greater understanding of disease mechanisms and leading to novel treatments.

We hope that this collection of content from across the Biochemical Society, Portland Press and external partners will allow readers to discover more about these multi-faceted and dynamic organelles.


Published articles on mitochondria >


Discover articles on mitochondria published across our portfolio of Society-owned publications.


Mitochondria journal cover

Themed issues


Mitochondrial diseases 


Guest edited by Caterina Garone and Michal Minczuk

View it here >




This issue of The Biochemist, the magazine of the Biochemical Society, covers the wide-ranging roles of mitochondria and ways researchers can investigate these organelles.

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Understanding Biochemistry: The genetic basis of disease


This essential, freely available resource aimed at post-16 students, teachers and undergraduates contains a section on mitochondrial disorders.

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Microscopya adventure puzzle game


This game, created by Beata Science Art, features hand-drawn illustrations and puzzles based on real scientific concepts. Players can customize their character, solve educational puzzles, and discover the beauty of biology while interacting with the fascinating world inside their cells. An experience that audiences of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy, this game highlights the intricate dynamics of the molecular world and makes scientific concepts accessible in creative ways. Use this resource to discover more about mitochondria, among the other cellular organelles.

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Mitochondrial bioenergetics course

This series of videos from Alicia Kowaltkowski (University of São Paulo) provides an overview of mitochondrial bioenergetics and how to study it in vitro and in vivo, and is suitable for graduates and researchers.

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Public Engagement


Crossover: exchanges between design and biochemical sciences project

These workshops form a crossover project, uniting research, community voices and stakeholders to bring mitochondria to the forefront of medicine. The project is spearheaded by The Innovation School at the Glasgow School of Art and supported by the Biochemical Society and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

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Mitochondria and Us: sharing stories from science and society on the powerhouse of the cell

Building on previous activities, this webinar showcases the creation of an international and interdisciplinary network of excellence in mitochondria research


Mitochondria collective

Building on previous activities, this webinar showcases the creation of an international and interdisciplinary network of excellence in mitochondria research.


MITOTrumps card game

This card game for scientists and non-scientists alike, created by the MRC-Mitochondrial Biology Unit, features proteins found in the mitochondria and is ready to be downloaded, printed and played.

Find it here >


Related content


Adipose biology

Guest edited by Dr Emilio Mottillo and Professor Gregory Steinberg

Mitochondria play a key role in maintaining energy homeostasis in metabolic tissues, including adipose. This Biochemical Journal collection addresses current research and emerging concepts on adipose tissue biology in health and disease.

View the collection >


Advances in Forensic Science

Guest edited by Niamh Nic Daeid and Lucina Hackman

This collection of articles cover the latest advances in forensic science, with reference to mitochondrial DNA as a tool to characterise biological evidence.

 View the issue >




Michael Duchen2024 Keilin Memorial Lecture


The Keilin Memorial Lecture recognises outstanding work in the field of bioenergetics, electron transfer, and mitochondrial biology. The 2024 Keilin Memorial Lecture will be presented to Professor Michael Duchen (University College London), whose work focuses on mitochondrial dysfunction in disease.

Find out more about Michael’s work


Early Career Research Award 2023


One of two Early Career Research Awards 2023 was awarded to Amy Vincent (Newcastle University) for her work on the pathological mechanisms underlying mitochondrial myopathy and disease progression.

Find out more about Amy's work >


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