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Our Strategy

Devised against a backdrop of extraordinary and ongoing change across social, political, and scholarly landscapes, our three-year strategy look towards broadening our reach in a way that supports the ongoing fulfilment of our mission in a rapidly evolving world. 

Developed collaboratively by Biochemical Society Trustees, Committee, Board and Panel members, as well as staff, our goal has been to build on the progress made over the last phase of strategy, embracing the opportunities created by such change and foregrounding themes of transformation, community, and synergies and collaboration. 

We are strongly committed to providing the best possible support and experience for the molecular bioscience community across all of our activities, adapting and transforming our approach to optimize opportunities for agile, multidisciplinary, and interconnected ways of working. 

The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are fundamentally embedded across the core objectives of our strategy. Through these core objectives, we will:
Promote and share knowledge
Support career development and lifelong engagement
Bring together molecular bioscientists and encourage wider dialogue
Develop and transform our working practices and business model
This next phase of strategy continues with our commitment to an open future, ensuring support for the advancement of the molecular biosciences. We continue on our transition to fully open access publishing, and embrace the principles of open scholarship. 

For further details of how we aim to positively affect our communities, and the research ecosystem in general, read our three-year strategy in full.

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