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Our Strategy

Amid considerable change in political and publishing landscapes, our three-year strategy, developed in partnership between Biochemical Society Trustees, Committee members, and staff, aims to embed progress made over the past six years. At the same time, it focusses on broadening the Biochemical Society and Portland Press’ global reach and, vitally, considers how we can respond positively to the evolving needs of the research community.

Taken together, three objectives form the basis of our 2019 – 2021 strategy, ensuring that we can continue to support the Biochemical Society’s charitable activities and so serve our global research community as fully as possible.

  1. To deliver plans for open scholarship and initiate a sustainable transition to open access (OA) publishing;
  2. To continuously improve publishing workflows and the service provided to our researchers (the foundations of which start with our content platform migration and brand-new websites—October 2019);
  3. To diversify income, scoping further services, opportunities, and connecting with new and underserved communities.

In line with our previous strategy (2013 – 2019), we want to provide sustainable services for the advancement of the molecular biosciences, supporting active researchers and disseminating thorough, transparent, and peer-reviewed papers. In order to do so responsibly, our transition from paywalled research to fully open access publishing, embracing the principles of open scholarship (exemplified by a revised data policy for our research journals), forms the cornerstone of our strategy. At the same time:

  • We will engage with and consult institutions, funders, and other learned societies to assess the value and viability of any sustainable transitions to OA publishing;
  • We will build on individual content strategies for each of our journals, cementing the impact of published articles and underpinning future growth;
  • Working with the Society’s Publications Committee, we will continually review end-to-end publishing processes, workflows, and integrated technologies, ensuring that readers, authors, and reviewers alike get the most out of our content offerings and services;
  • We will also strive to increase the geographic and gender diversity of our Editorial Boards and contributing authors, implement an inclusivity plan extending to the involvement of early-career researchers in peer review and the wider publications process, and ultimately contribute to the Society’s international reach.

For further details of how we aim to positively affect our communities, and the research ecosystem in general, read our three-year strategy in full.

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