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Wenner - Gren International Series Volume  

Quality Assessment for Higher Education in Europe

Edited by Alessandro Cavalli

Year of publication: 2007 
ISBN: 978-1-85578-171-9





The changing concepts of quality in the assessment of study programmes, teaching and learning
Don F. Westerheljden

The multiple functions of evaluation and quality assessment
John Brennan

Assessment and management in institutions of higher education
Jef C. Verhoeven

Assessment as a tool for different kinds of action: from quality management to compliance and control
Alberto Amaral, Maria João Rosa and Diana Tavares

Accreditation: the role of a new assessment approach in Europe and the overall map of evaluation in European higher education
Ulrich Techler

Quality assessment and indicators in higher education: needs, problems and potential
Jan Sadlak

The potential and problems of peer evaluation in higher education and research
Hans-Dieter Daniel, Sandra Mitta and Lutz Bornmann

Strengths and weaknesses of citation indices and impact factors
Alessandro Figà-Talamanca

The underestimated humanities and social sciences
Wim Blockmans

Stability amidst a storm of evaluation: policy trends and practice in higher education evaluation in Japan
Akiyoshi Yonezawa

Improving the evaluation of the education - employment relationship in France
Pierre Dubois

The accreditation system in The Netherlands and Flanders
Karl Dittrich and Leendert Klaassen

Accreditation in The Netherlands: an improvement of external quality assessment?
Wynand Wijnen

Quality assessment in higher education: an overview of institutionalization, practices, problems and conflicts
Massimillano Vaira


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