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Terms & Conditions for single-article or journal-issue online purchases

Please find below our terms and conditions for single-article or journal-issue online purchases.

  • General information: Articles published in Portland Press journals and certain issues of Portland Press journals are available for online purchase on an individual download basis. Customers wishing to purchase content in this way are expected to pay via Credit Card for a download of paywalled content that is either a journal article or a journal issue (group of articles contained within a single issue of a journal). In these cases, the download will be made directly from the website (with payment handled online through Stripe). 

      • Previews: The article abstract serves as the “preview” of articles that are available for purchase; where an abstract is not present, the first page of the article PDF serves as the preview. For individual conference abstracts (published before 2005), the page on which the abstract starts serves as the preview.

      • Length: While a typical research or review article published since 2015 will tend to be about 8 to 10 pages in length, note that article lengths vary greatly depending on which year and what format the relevant content was published in. Editorials and commentaries are often shorter than full reviews or research papers. Journal issues normally and usually contain between 8 and 12 articles but can have more or fewer articles in them.

      • Pricing: All articles have a fixed rate, regardless of article length, of £30 GBP (plus tax where applicable). Journal issues that are available for purchase via a download have their pricing based on the number of paywalled articles in the issue. Any articles in the issue that are already published open access are not factored into the pricing as open access articles will already be free to download and re-use. 

      • Access terms: Customers will have perpetual access to articles and journal issues purchased/downloaded online. Both PDFs and full-text HTML of the downloaded content will be viewable. 

      • Re-use terms: Re-use and sharing of purchased content is permitted for most types of academic reuse that does not involve mass distribution or re-sale. Other types of re-use is only permitted in line with the rights and permissions policy of Portland Press. For more information on re-use and sharing, please see Copyright & Permissions >

  • Currency – Payments can be made in GBP (£), EUR (€), or USD ($)

  • Refund & Cancellation policy: In accordance with UK rules around sales of digital goods online (see government guidelines) and owing to the ‘immediate download’ nature of online article and issue download sales, purchasers waive their rights to 14-day cancellations and as such we are unable to process refunds to items once they are purchased/downloaded.

  • Company: Portland Press Limited, a wholly owned trading subsidiary of the Biochemical Society

  • Contact details:

Portland Press Limited (Company No. 02453983) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Biochemical Society.

The Biochemical Society is a registered charity (No. 253894) and a company limited by guarantee (registered in England and Wales No. 892796).  

Registered Office: First Floor, 100 Queen Street Place, London EC4R 1BE. 

VAT registration number: GB 523 2392 69

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