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Transformative Renewals


As the Biochemical Society’s publisher, we represent one half of a joint mission to disseminate and advance science, share knowledge and expertise, critically discuss ideas, and provide forums for collaboration. 
Through the open access (OA) and open scholarship movements, the Biochemical Society and Portland Press recognize opportunities for publishing and disseminating scientific information in a manner that better aligns with our mission. We are actively seeking to transition publishing models in ways that will aid our ability to serve researchers and institutions based all over the world.  

Directing our profits back into the life science community, in support of our Society’s charitable activities, remains an unwavering objective for us at Portland Press. To the ends of sustainably supporting the research community, and continuing to generate investment for it, we’re excited to offer a pilot transformative offering for ~700 global subscribers: an optional ‘Read & Publish’ model, initiating a route to full OA publishing and providing an inbuilt solution to the burden of transacting individual article publishing charges (APCs).


Representing a first step to transitioning business models, we’ve combined the subscription (‘read’) element of our journal offering with an OA-publishing (‘publish’) component, providing a unified, transformative renewal option for current subscribers on a pilot basis.

Implementing a flexible approach to subscription renewals, our Read & Publish offering represents an alternative option for individual research institutions alongside standard subscriptions. 


To learn about the benefits of publishing see our Read & Publish offering page here >


Our Read & Publish renewal option may not appeal to all institutions at this  time, but we hope that this pilot offering demonstrates our willingness to transition  away from an outdated business model.

We especially hope that it opens the door to more involved dialogue with our librarians and partners. Your input is vital to positively affecting the changing landscape of academic publishing and to co-developing a model for the future. 
Please email your feedback or any questions to our Sales Department

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