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Wenner - Gren International Series Volume 73 

The Impact of Electronic Publishing on the Academic Community

Edited by Ian Butterworth

Year of publication: 1998 
ISBN: 978-185578-122-1





I. Butterworth  

The impact of information technology and networks: new perspectives for scientific, technical and medical publishing - Electronic version not published 
A. de Kemp   

Electronic publishing and the academic community: a publisher's perspective  
A. Dixon  

Electronic publishing in astronomy  
P.B. Boyce  

Cutting the pie in a new way: the case of the Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence  
E. Sandewall  

All or none: no stable hybrid or half-way solutions for launching the learned periodical literature into the post-Gutenberg galaxy  
S. Harnad and M. Hemus   

The future of the Worldwide Web and its impact on our institutions  
D.M. Sendall  

Update, September 1996  
Paul Ginsparg  

Session 2: Legal and political issues 

S. Strömholm  
Legal and ethical issues; managing legislation  
A. Turner QC  

Copyright principles in a digital scientific world  
T. Dreier   

Managing copyright in a digital environment  
J. Bing  

Session 3: The content and quality of academic communication

M. Jacob 
The traditional journal  
P. Landshoff 

A system for electronic peer review  
A.G. Cohen  

Peer review and electronic publishing  
J. Zinn-Justin  

The impact of electronic publishing on the physics community: the point of view of a physicist - Electronic version not published  
F. Laloë  

A blueprint for electronic publishing in physics  
J.C. Sens  

Session 4: Social and cultural issues  
P. Zanella  

Electronic publishing trends and advances  
F. Mastroddi  

The impact of information technologies on research and development activities in Georgia  
P.J. Kervalishvili  

Session 5: Digital libraries and archiving of Electronic information  
P.J.D. Drenth  
Digital library work: meeting user needs  
M.G. Lindquist  

Scholarly communication and the licensing of electronic publications  
A. Okerson 

The development of digital libraries  
J. Meadows  
The future has arrived  
R. Peek  

Organizing for digital archiving: new distribution models in the scientific information chain  
J. Mackenzie Owen  

Choices in digital archiving: the American experience  
D.J. Waters   

Preservation of research materials: a domain crossing national boundaries  
Y. de Lusenet  

Discussion after Session 5  
P.J.D. Drenth 

Session 6: Access to scientific data repositories  
E.J. Neuhold  
Electronic databases and the scientific record  
G. Cameron  

From private data to public knowledge  
O. Kennard

Political decisions and economic issues  
B. Levrat 

Session 7: Supplementary papers  


Scientific communication as an object of science  
J.G. Kircz  

Riding the knowledge waves of the centuries to come  
H.-D. Böcker  

From the book to the electronic edition of literary texts  
T. Orlandi  

Open questions with some answers on the impact of electronic publishing on the academic community  
D. Corpakis  

General conclusions 
I. Butterworth  

List of participants 

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