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Wenner - Gren International Series Volume 79 

Virtual University? Educational Environments of the Future

Edited by Henk J. van der Molen

Year of publication: 2001 
ISBN: 978-185578-1-450

Higher-education institutions around the world are experimenting with many different types of virtual learning environments, and it is inevitable that universities will change as a result of the massive increase in the use of electronic information and communication technologies (ICTs). Information and communication technology will have a major impact on teaching and learning, and universities should have a strategy for adapting to the changes that this will bring. Experiences with Internet learning indicate that students, as well as teachers, have to accept patterns quite different from ‘traditional’ teaching/learning patterns. Traditional university staff may resist these changes, but should profit from these experiences with ICT linked teaching technologies as a valuable addition to existing teaching technologies. Virtual University? Educational Environments of the Future examines the extent to which and the speed at which these changes will occur. It describes the developments and importance of ICT for academic education in relation to technological capabilities and the didactics of higher education, and pays special attention to policy and institutional issues related to the incorporation of ICT into the educational infrastructure. This book is of interest for everybody involved in teaching and learning in higher education, not in the least for those managing higher-education systems and institutions.






Universities in the network society
Henk de Wolf

Real options for virtual universities
Paul Lefrere

A framework for open distance learning - organization and management
Dipak Khakhar

Information, knowledge and technology
A.G.J. MacFarlane

Models for web-based education: have we forgotten lessons learned?
Martin Valcke

Using information and communication technology (ICT) in tomorrow's universities and assessment as a tool for learning by means of ICT
Filip Dochy and Mien Segers

Teaching by using the combination of handbook and a website
J.S. Duisterhout, R.J.A. Schijvenaars, B.Drends, J.C. Helder and J.H. van Bemmel

Using learning styles and Action Learning, over the Internet, to drive learning for innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises - a case study from construction
James A. Powell OBE

Institutional and societal implications of the virtual university
Ulrich Teichler

The new era of televersity and andraversity in the campusless society: the virtual university and its implications in Korea
Hyun Chong Lee

Space, place and the virtual university: the virtual university is the university-made concrete
John Goddard and James Cornford

Summary remarks and challenges for the future
Susan D'Antoni


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