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Wenner - Gren International Series Volume 84 

The University in the Market

Edited by Lars Engwall and Denis Weaire

Year of publication: 2008 
ISBN: 978-185578-168-9

The modern university has been brought into close engagement with the commercial and industrial market. This volume presents the views of leading European experts, regarding the threats and opportunities presented by this accelerating trend. How are ancient traditions and values to be adapted to new corporate models? Is academic freedom at risk? What sort of institution will emerge from the present period of uncertainty? This book will be of interest to scholars of higher education, knowledge management and technology transfer as well as to policy makers, university leaders and corporate scientific directors. 





Part I: Setting the scene

Whither universities?
Brian Heap

The university: a multinational corporation?
Lars Engwall

Constructing universities as strategic actors: limitations and variations
Richard Whitley

What does the ‘market’ mean for the university?
Ulrich Teichler

Part II: Markets for ideas

Keeping science competitive in Germany
Matthias Kleiner

Intellectual property versus academic freedom? A complex relationship within the innovation ecosystem
Joseph Straus

Intellectual property and Irish universities
Eoin P. O’Neill

Part III: Markets for collaboration

The current status and the future of universities within society
Günter Stock

Scottish universities in the marketplace
Kevin Cullen

From tech transfer to knowledge exchange: European universities in the marketplace
Stephen Hagen

Industry needs universities and vice versa
Yrjö Neuvo

Part IV: Concluding Perspectives

What does the public think about all this?
Eddie Holt

University autonomy: a matter of political rhetoric?
Thorsten Nybom

University marketization: the process and its limits
Linda Wedlin
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