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Wenner - Gren International Series Volume 85 

From Information to Knowledge; from Knowledge to Wisdom

Edited by Erik De Corte and Jens Erik Fenstad

Year of publication: 2010 
ISBN: 978-185578-177-1

The second decade of the 21st Century will see higher education in Europe having to confront important changes. The Bologna Process initiated in 1999 has reshaped the European Higher Education Area and will continue to do so. An important accomplishment is that it leads to greater compatibility of systems of higher education in Europe, and as such, facilitates the mobility and exchange of students, teachers and scholars. But a major aim put forward for European higher education in the decade up to 2020 is to contribute substantially to the realization of a Europe of knowledge that is highly creative and innovative. Achieving this ambitious goal presents higher education with tremendous challenges. One of those challenges that universities have to deal with, and that calls for reflection on and reconsideration of the traditional model of higher education, derives from the accelerated technological developments especially ICT and the related exponential growth of research-based information and knowledge in all disciplines. This volume pays particular attention to this challenge. It considers how can/should higher education deal with the impact of the massive increase in easily retrievable information, and with the ways of using and the possibilities for manipulating information? How does information relate to knowledge, and how can both, information and knowledge, facilitate the development of wisdom? The book is based on the presentations and discussions at an Academia Europea/Wenner-Gren Conference held in Stockholm in November 2009, and contains contributions from experts who were invited to speak at the conference.




From information to knowledge; from knowledge to wisdom: introduction
Erik De Corte and Jens Erik Fenstad

Tomorrow's learning: the place of information, knowledge and wisdom
David Perkins

The loss of knowedge in the information age
Jϋrgen Mittelstrass

Some thoughts on the relationship between knowledge and wisdom
Begnt Gustafsson

The value of information
Michael P. Fourman

Implications of the charge from elite to mass or multi-purpose institutions
Arild Underdal

Transnational challenges to the multipurpose university: a comparative perspective
Robert B. Kvavik

Challenge of engagement inside and outside the classroom: the future for universities
Alastair J.S. Summerlee

Potential of teaching and learning supported by ICT for the acquisition of deep conceptual knowledge and the development of wisdom
Erno Lehtinen

Negative selectivity of Europe's guest-worker immigration? Educational achievement of immigrant children compared with native children in their origin countries
Jaap Dronkers and Manon de Heus

Manipulation of knowledge
Richard A. Deyo

Scholarship and political correctness: popular and unpopular views on forced labour in the Atlantic during the era of European expansion, 1500-1850
Pieter Emmer

Academic libraries and the challenge of abundance: the impact of the explosion of retrievable information on universities
John Maccoll

Conserving ancient knowledge for the modern world
Carlos Fiolhais

Only connect...
Barbara Wright
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